TO-825 Fountain pen A’graff

825_pioro_agraff_czarny 825_pioro_agraff_czerwony 825_pioro_agraff_granat 825_pioro_agraff_rozowy 825_pioro_agraff_srebrny 825_pioro_agraff_zielony 825_pioro_agraff_kilka_razem TO-820 zielen w etui

Fountain pen with engraved, iridium-tipped nib, ended with type F ball. High-class mechanism and perfect combination of materials confirm the high standard of this premium office pen. Delicate clip.

Available colours: black, silver, blue, green, red, pink.

Available colours

  • Blue
  • Black

Area of imprint

  • 40×70 mm


Imprints: pad printing and laser engraving